TRANSYLVANIA - part 1 - The Count Demands It

Featuring Troy Donockley (Nightwish), Anna Phoebe, Alex Cromarty (Mostly Autumn), Olivia Sparnenn-Josh (Mostly Autumn) and Marc Atkinson amongst others, this is the first part of Bryan's brand new project, taking us from 'the back lane' into the heart of Transylvania.

A beautiful vampire, her evil but enigmatic father (The Count) and various other creatures are encountered by the hapless Bryan on his journey.

Difficult to pigeonhole, the first part of the Transylvanian series is an exciting mix of superb rock music with imaginative storytelling.


The Count Speaks
The Back Lane
In for the Bite
Far Away
The Castle of 1000 Dead
Again the Count Speaks
Carnival of the Rotting Sun
The Wolves of Kolkon
The Dead Sun
The Count Lectures
Lonely and Cold
The Old Man
Ulak The Gripper
Beyond the Wall
The Count Commands

The price is 10.00 (+2.00 P+P, 3.00 Europe & 4 Rest)